InJoule - Bringing Blockchain technology to the Oil and Gas industry

We see Blockchain technology as a game changer for the oil and gas industry. The oil industry has traditionally been slow to adopt and apply new technology and the way it does business has not really changed with time, but the current oil price levels don’t allow business as usual approach and innovation has become the key in finding new solutions for sustainability and growth in this low oil and gas price environment. Enter INJOULE.

Combining IOT with Blockchain, we are currently testing InJoule applications on various oil and gas projects like;

• Infrastructure Decommissioning Projects
• Hydrocarbon Accounting
• Seismic Database/ Interpretation Ledger
• Asset Share
• Wholesale Insurance
• Decentralised Exchange for Commodity Trading, OTC Clearance etc.


Though all our products at this stage are geared towards the oil and gas industry, they can easily be adapted for other industries.
We have a rich and ‘pilot-ready’ product portfolio:

  1. InJoule Platform
  2. Wallet
  3. Gateway
  4. InJoule Assets

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InJoule Platform

Injoule Platform is developed as an enterprise grade blockchain platform equipped with a plethora of tools, applications and services, maximising the application of blockchain technology to the specific needs of Oil and Gas industry:

  • Enterprise Grade
  • Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Guidelines
  • Unlimited Scalability for Networks of any size
  • Public or Private
  • Customisation of tools and services for further development

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InJoule Wallet

Our InJoule Wallet with the block explorer service, is like your virtual equivalent of a bank account. It is the safest place to store, receive and send Cryptocurrencies

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Gateway Service

We are currently developing a Gateway service for InJoule Platform to introduce FIAT money into the InJoule blockchain tokens and to exchange:
– ETC to InJoule ETC asset
– InJouleETC to ETC
– Credit cards to InJoule ETC and InJoule asset.

In the meantime, you can have a look at some other service providers listed below;

• BlockTrades

• MetaExchange

• ShapeShift

• BTSBots

• X-Chain

• CryptoMate

• AltQuick

• Coinomat

InJoule Assets

More information on this coming soon……

About Us

InJoule is a UK public blockchain technology company founded in 2017 with offices in London & Aberdeen. The idea for InJoule, which is Blockchain for oil and gas industry, was conceived back in 2015 when the oil price started to bottom out and Blockchain technology started to evolve.

Our mission is to reinvent the way business is done in our industry by providing Blockchain based relevant & efficient tools and making them available to every individual and organisation in the oil and gas industry.

We are a team of Petroleum engineers, Process engineers, Geophysicists, Economists, Gas Contracts experts, Developers and Programmers come together to develop industry specific applications using InJoule Platform.


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